Founded in Canada in 1972, ALDO was first established as a footwear concession inside a popular Montreal based clothing retailer. The first freestanding ALDO store was opened on Sainte-Catherine Street in Montreal, in 1978. Since then the company has grown at a tremendous pace and is an international success story, with over 1,000 ALDO stores in 65 countries.

Dry were challenged to develop a unique branding proposition for ALDO’s Men’s premium Footwear line – a craft based operation focused on hand-making shoes with a commitment to quality and timeless style.

Dry immersed themselves in the world of ALDO and the rich story of the Bensadoun family of cobblers, and Aldo Bensadoun (Mr. B). Thus was born Mr. B’s Gentlemen’s Boutique for ALDO, which was translated across a new identity, including on-product branding and packaging.

Mr. B’s Gentlemen’s Boutique for ALDO – website designed by Dynamo

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